Employment and labor markets are fundamental features of the modern economy, though neither are legit. Since this topic is covered in greater detail at the parent site AbolishHumanRentals.org a few analogies here will suffice.

Employment today can be alternatively described as the voluntary renting of humans. The self renting is done in exchange for a salary or wage. To get feel for the problem, take some other major social achievements:

  • Abolition of slavery (human sales and human ownership)
  • No lifetime labor contract today (despite financial benefits for the worker when paid upfront)
  • African American suffrage (right to vote)
  • Prohibition against vote selling in a political democracy
  • Prohibition against vote renting in a political democracy
  • Women’s suffrage
  • Abolition of coverture marriage, where the wife becomes the property of the husband.

Social progress in all these cases arose from the abolition of human contracts of alienation. The remaining human contract of alienation is the rental of people, commonly known as employment. And contrary to popular belief, there is too much of employment.

Labor markets are inherently a fraud, whether for the sale or rental of humans. Things can be sold and rented, but human cannot. Since human renting is accepted by the modern economic framework the acceptable discussion is confined to issues of salary, wages, and benefits, and the right to unionize. Otherwise labor markets are applauded for their efficiency and studied at length, while studiously avoiding questions about their validity.